Uncork intelligence from everyday work

Track and improve creativity, openness, and team chemistry, while optimizing stress

Meet Makoto, your team’s Workplace Assistant A.I.

Discover emotion, communication, and behavior patterns to improve each person’s work life and cross-cultural relationships.

Makoto cares about how you feel and learns more as you communicate

Tell Makoto how you feel about your work, team, anything! Makoto learns your unique communication and emotional patterns which add up to your personality.

Interacts through Slack, polls, and recorded audio/video

All the benefits of Makoto without ever leaving your favorite work applications. Today, Makoto lives in Slack, but more integrations are coming soon. Contact us to ask about customer integrations.

HR leaders that include the ability to “use analytics to diagnose and prescribe talent actions,” to “translate talent decisions into profit-and-loss impact,” and to “measure talent outcomes and their impact on value while holding managers accountable” show significant results.

– McKinsey

Listens when you share your thoughts via audio/video

Record and share your happiest, most stressful, or most creative moments of the day. Makoto understands what you say, do, and feel by extracting neurological, physiological, and environmental signals from natural communications (text, audio, and video). 

Trains your creativity & openness with daily challenges

Experts agree that innovation needs people with open and creative personality traits. Makoto quantifies your score based on what you say, do, and feel; not surveys. He benchmarks against best-of-class for continuous improvement.

Matches you with teammates based on personality and emotions

Connect with your teammates at the moment you need them most – whether that’s needing help with work or just plain stressed and needing to talk. Makoto helps you discover what you share and how you complement your teammates.

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