We are looking for exceptional engineers and multi-modal conversational user experience designers. No IoT nor Cognitive Science related experience is required: talent and drive matter far more.

We are primarily looking for evidence of exceptional ability and a track record of building things that work.

All positions are full time and based in Oakland and Remote Workers For positions not listed, you can reach us at hellomakoto@neurotalent.io

Product Manager + Marketing

Meet NeuroTalent’s Makoto

Makoto is the first Workplace Assistant A.I. to uncork insight into the talent value chain from everyday work. Everyday apps like Slack, email and Skype produce data exhaust, normally unusable. Makoto uses powerful voice, video, text, & sensor analytics to discover hidden patterns of informal communication, relationships, and behavior.

Makoto transcribes, contextualizes and emotionally analyzes each user’s data before logging their private “journal entry” into the blockchain. Makoto anonymizes and aggregates for business intelligence and people analytics.

Makoto uses decentralized identifiers (DID) W3C standards so end users have utmost control, privacy, and security.

Makoto improves each person’s work life and cross-cultural relationships with::

  • Creativity Assessment
  • Openness to Experience Assessment
  • Stress Score
  • Team Chemistry Building
  • Talent Benchmarking
  • Cultural & Emotional Benchmarking

About you:

  • You find large challenges exciting and enjoy discovering and defining problems as much as solving them.
  • You deliver. You may enjoy thoughtful conversations about problems and perfecting designs, but in the end, you know that what matters is delivering a solution that works every time.
  • You are a cross-disciplinary team member. You are excited to work with and learn from software, mathematicians, cognitive scientist and network engineers. You are comfortable communicating across teams.
  • Resourceful, flexible and adaptable; no task is too big or too small.

Key qualification: Product Management is “inbound” and Product Marketing is “outbound”. We believe the best have a combination of skills that both listens to the market and speaks to the market. You will work with with Engineering to develop and Market Development for sales. Currently enrolled in a BA/BS or MS degree program in computer science or related field.


  • Product Management
  • People Management
  • Understanding the Customer
  • Manage Product Development Process
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Pricing
  • Planning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales Planning
  • Financial Planning and Strategy 
  • Take on responsibility for the development of a complete system.
  • Provide effort estimates and prioritize activities.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate ideas clearly and work in a team environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with blogging and writing technical articles for an existing follower base and speaking at industry conferences.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate business/technical knowledge and information with others.

What we offer:

  • An opportunity to change the world and work with some of the smartest and the most talented experts from different fields.
  • Growth Potential. We rapidly advance team members who have an outsized impact.
  • Flexible vacation policy.
  • Excellent medical, dental and vision insurance through a PPO plan.
  • Stock options.

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