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Discover emotion triggers to spotlight profitable cross-cultural relationships

A.I. benchmarking Office 365 data exhaust with science, not intuition nor experts

Matching Family Owned Business Assets to

Cross-Cultural Talent and Markets

like-minded in Japan, S. Korea, USA and Indonesia

Family Businesses seeking Multi-Generational Successors

Regardless of industry, company size, or leadership styles, a high-trust culture consistently outperforms the rest of the market.

Capable Talent seeking Mutually Beneficial Career Path

Leaders who inspire trust in relationships and enable employees and colleagues the freedom to do good work drive a high-trust culture,

International Ventures seeking Profitable Relationships

Being a trusted collaborator across institutional, sectoral, and national boundaries is necessary strategic choice in today's shifting competitive world.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"

– African Proverb

Why: Profitable Relationship Steps to Shared Beliefs and Trust

A culture built on mutually beneficial relationships and trust drives team chemistry, engagement, and creativity. But without data, relationships are built on intuition. Take out the guesswork with RC Recommendations so you remembers the little things that matter at the right moments, adding up to great team chemistry.

How: Like-Minded Benchmarking to discover Emotion Triggers & Patterns

Emotions drive decisions and relationships. Over 80% of competencies that differentiate top performers are in the domain of emotional intelligence. But sometimes emotions are lost in the always-on, always-connected workplace. NeuroTalent A.I. uses audio/video analysis to increase awareness and regulation of your own and others’ emotions. Receive cues right in your favorite Microsoft productivity and communication apps.

Progression: Cultural Capabilities Maturity Model (CMM)

Improving cultural intelligence enhances your organization’s valuable cultural capital, which positively impacts profitability, innovation, and engagement. Transform organizational culture from an ad-hoc project to a data-driven process with continuous improvement based on each employee’s real interactions, communications, and behavior.

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