Data-Driven Talent Relationship Intelligence

Meet Makoto, your Workplace Assistant A.I. 

Makoto is the first Workplace Assistant A.I. to assess talent, team chemistry, and culture as a side effect of everyday work. He uncorks normally unusable data exhaust produced from everyday apps like Slack, email and Skype.  

Makoto improves each person’s work life and cross-cultural relationships with:

Creativity Assessment

measures your passion to create and record novel ideas everyday; not take surveys

Openness to Experience Assessment

measures your desire to learn more about what’s unknown or different; not take surveys

Stress Score

discovers each person’s optimal arousal and stress patterns to maximize performance

Team Chemistry Building

balance personalities, emotions, and capabilities while facilitating open communication for effective teamwork

Talent Benchmarking

optimal creativity, openness, and stress for specific tasks, roles, teams, and company cultures


Cultural & Emotional Benchmarking

cross-cultural best practices and continuous improvement for recruiting, team reorganization, partnerships, investments, mergers & acquisition

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